Dear participants of the First Caspian Economic Forum

- Procedure for those interested in participation in the First Caspian Economic Forum.

1. You are kindly requested to send to our email: the letter with an official letterhead duly stamped and signed, indicating a participant’s position and his/her contact details.

2. Enclose to the letter a color photocopy of the passport and passport photo.

3. Include Your personal email, mobile number in the letter and closer to the date of the Forum, send us the copy of the purchased air ticket. It is preferred that You plan Your arrival in Ashgabat city, Turkmenistan, no later than 9-10 August 2019 and departure – for 13 August 2019.

4. After you send information, closer to the date of the Forum, the Invitation Letter of the State Migration Service of Turkmenistan will be forwarded to You, which provides for the possibility to obtain a visa in the Consulate or Embassy of Turkmenistan, on the border and upon arrival in Ashgabat.

5. At the airport or on the border You will be welcomed by the responsible staff of the Organization Committee.

6. Internal/domestic transfer, i.e. transport services for the participants during the event, will be provided free of charge.

7. The approximate cost of the flight from Ashgabat city to Balkan region (“Avaza” National Tourist Zone) and return flight will amount to 160 US dollars.

8. This ticket, to be paid by the participants, will be booked by the Organization Committee upon the receipt of the mentioned letter (item 1)

9. All participants will be accommodated in luxurious hotels of “Avaza” National Tourist Zone. All rooms will be booked by the Organization Committee.

10. For additional information:
+993 12 445646, +993 12 445743, +993 12 445675
Official site of the forum:

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