About the location of the First Caspian Economic Forum

The National Tourist Zone “Avaza” unfolded along the Turkmen coastline of the Caspian Sea is grasping the attention of countries and nations across the world. Due to the efforts of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, today the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” encompasses recreational and health resorts peculiar to high standard touristic resorts of the world. The construction of such recreational resorts along the Turkmen coastline of the Caspian Sea serves as realization of our National Leader’s initiatives on developing the tourism sphere, by attracting the world tourists to our country and making it one of the advanced tourism industries of the world. To realize these impressive plans, large-scale investments are being made in the tourism industry of our country, especially in the National Tourist Zone “Avaza.” This demonstrates that our National Leader’s wise policy aimed at strengthening friendship, good neighborhood and fruitful relations between the Caspian states will expand further.

The Caspian Sea is a vital strategic region that has economic, energy and transport strength. Consequently in a row with other Caspian states, our county pays special attention to international cooperation based on legal norms and mutual respect taking into consideration the benefits of the countries involved.

The National Tourist Zone has become a vital place of realizing work in this sphere after the “Decree on creating the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” was signed on 21 July 2007. Since then, this magnificent seaside of the Caspian Sea has grown and developed. A number of large-scale regional projects were completed in accordance with the world standards. As a result, the number of tourists coming to the health-giving and pure Caspian coast has recently increased. Today, Avaza is not only the tourist center, but also the focus of political and business consultations.

As the best world practices and Turkmenistan’s new initiatives are being implemented for the benefit of economic, political and cultural development for the sake of people to live freely, calmly and prosperously, the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” is serving not only our nation, but also foreign guests by its fashionable hotels, recreational and health resorts, villa complexes and others. The first construction phase of the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” has started at the end of 2007. At the moment, 18 hotels, 8 health resorts, 9 villa complexes, as well as recreational centers capable of hosting 10 117 visitors and 7 child health resorts with 1380 places are operating. Four parks are at service of the guests, two of which are equipped with amusement rides.

The park complex of the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” with total area of 83 600 m² is equipped with acting water fountains, amphitheaters, amusement playgrounds for children, cafes, gardens and technical facilities, all of which astonish the foreign tourists.

For Turkmenistan the Caspian Sea is not only a modern tourist zone. It possesses opportunities for all-encompassing use of large-scale natural resources, energy, industry, transport and transit potential which leads to strengthening of trade-economic relations through diversification between Caspian states. For that reason, the Caspian region has been proclaimed as fast growing geopolitical and economic center of Eurasia. Its geo-economic opportunities catch attention of many people.

Our esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has presented numerous proposals and initiatives at the meetings of UN General Assembly, Conference on Sustainable Development “Rio+20,” Summits of the Heads of Caspian states and other large events for the aim of creating multilateral effective tools to provide ecological and technogenic security at the Caspian Sea. Based on those proposals, several important international documents were prepared. Agreement on Protection and Rational Use of the Caspian Sea Water and Biological Resources, as well as Agreement on the Prevention and Elimination of Emergency Situations in the Caspian Sea are among vivid examples. The legal framework of Tehran Convention based Protocol for Conservation of Biological Diversity and Protection of the Caspian Sea against Pollution from Land-based Sources and Activities has been created.

The successful realization of large-scale programs developed by the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov leads to the improvement of living conditions of our nation as well as increases the economic strength of the country. The construction of the National Tourist Zone “Avaza” has provided suitable conditions for creating new automobile, railway, airway and maritime routes. As a result, opportunities for creating and improving the current model of the Great Silk Road became attainable. This is important from the point of view of strengthening favorable international cultural relations between nations and states.

Today effectively using the opportunities presented by the Caspian Sea for the benefit of improving economic, political relations at regional and global level has become one of the strategically vital goals of our country. This aspect gave way to broaden the trade-economic relations of the Caspian states with world markets. Accordingly our Leader has pointed out that cooperation in the transport-communication sphere is an important condition for the overall continuous development. Such cooperation affects the activeness and balance of global economic relations. Based on these notions, our country continuously implements large-scale transportation and transit projects “East-West” and “North-South” through opportunities presented by international maritime, river, automobile, railway and airway routes.